Pilgrims’ Route

Magnificent chapels, religious sculptures carved in salt, unique views. Beautiful chambers, galleries and passageways. Here, faith gives one strength for each step. It's time to go on an expedition along the religious route of the Wieliczka mine, the underground "God Bless" Pilgrims’ Route.

The Pilgrims’ Route, blessed by His Eminence Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz in early 2010, is a beautiful testimony to the piousness of generations of Wieliczka miners working here. You can admire the magnificent sculptures in the chapel dedicated to Saint Anthony, with features blurred as a result of activity of the forces of nature and the relentless passage of time. The wooden Golgotha of the Wieliczka miners will delight you with its artistry and elegance of execution. Your journey will be crowned by visiting the wonderful Chapel of St. Kinga where you will find splendid altars, a carved pulpit, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper and a salt statue of John Paul II. You can spend long hours admiring the decor and the artistry works of art exhibited here.

The next stop for prayer is the Chapel of St. John characteristic for its wooden polychrome interior.Part of the route leads through the excavations of the “Wieliczka” Krakow Saltworks Museum where, in the one-and-only underground chapel dedicated to John Paul II, a cleric accompanying the pilgrimage group can say Holy Mass.

The pilgrims can also enjoy various dishes prepared especially for them and purchase religious souvenirs.

Worth knowing

The Pilgrims’ Route leads through the excavations of the Tourist Route and the “Wieliczka” Krakow Saltworks Museum.

The tour of the "God Bless" Pilgrims’ Route takes about 2.5 hours.

The priest accompanying the group can celebrate a Mass at the end of the visit.

The visit is always conducted under the supervision of a guide.

Bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes. Temperature underground ranges between 17° and 18° C.

You will descend into the mine by stairs to the depth of 64m and return to the surface by elevator from the depth of 135m.

You can leave your luggage in storage located next to the tourist information office.

Smoking and the use of open fire is not allowed at the mine.

Special discount. Ask for details

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