Rules for visitors

The Miners’ Route visit starts in the Regis Shaft and lasts ca 3 hours.

There are no more than 20 people in a group and the visit takes places under the supervision of a tour guide.

The Miners’ Route is accessible to persons over 10 years of age, however minors are allowed to visit the mine under the supervision of an adult.

The Miners’ Route leads through excavations outside the area of the mine accessible to tourists within the standard programme. The visit requires increased physical effort.

The visit begins at the hour indicated on the admission ticket. At this time tourists, with admission tickets already purchased at the ticket office, and supervised by a tour guide begin their special safety training. Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at least 15 minutes before the visiting time printed on the ticket.

Due to the necessity of passing through the mine elevator descent procedure, those visitors who are late or not ready to go down at the assigned time will not be allowed to join the group. Being ready means holding an electronic card which visitors receive when buying or presenting the ticket at the ticket office.

Prior to descending into the underground excavations, every tourist is equipped with a protective suite, a carbon monoxide absorber, a helmet and a mining lamp and hears out a training session on how to use this equipment.

Comfortable, water-resistant footwear is required to walk through the underground excavations of the Miners’ Route.

Before visiting the Miners’ Route, it is necessary to sign your name into the log book and a confirm in writing that you have gone through the training on how to use the carbon monoxide absorber.

Using open fire along the Miners’ Route is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to smoke tobacco products and use electric torches.

The elevator descent takes the visitors down to Level I of the mine (59m). To leave the mine, the elevator takes the visitors up to the surface from Level II (101m).

The temperature along the route ranges between 14° and 16° C. Make sure to wear warmer clothing.




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