On route

You will wear a mining helmet and comfortable work clothes and carry specialised equipment. The guide will check one last time all fastenings and fixings. At his command, you can turn on the lamp. It's time to start the great adventure at the unusual trail of the Miners’ Route. The historic Regis shaft beckons you to its welcoming interior .

You will visit 21 locations, each of which guarantees strong emotions and unforgettable experience, pleasantly surprising the fans of exciting escapades. After descending underground, you will become novice miners (slepry): you will be given tasks and start learning the ropes of this difficult profession. The expedition requires significant effort: the daredevils have to climb ladders, squeeze through narrow galleries and explore unknown spaces. Under the watchful eye of the chargeman, you will learn the rules of safe behaviour, operate specialised equipment and mining tools.

Everything here is authentic - the place, the people, the experience. It's a world where imagination meets reality, a place that will draw you in completely, a journey to the exciting land of the five senses, and a real voyage into the depths of yourself.

Światowe dziedzictwo


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