Group Adventure

An original, well-organized event is a great way to integrate and build a harmonious team group of employees. It is also an unconventional way to spend free time and a moment in which you can loosen your business tie. But the theme events organized by the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine are something more. The extraordinary salt corridors and chambers, adventures embedded in ancient mining legends and traditions. And all this taking place somewhere deep down beneath the earth's surface.                                                                                                                                               

The Wieliczka Expedition transforms a silent office friend or desk neighbour into daring adventurers. Wandering through the mine excavations along the Miners’ Route participants personally perform the daily activities of miners. The group can also embark on an exciting hunt for treasure hidden in an old mine by its former administrator, or take part in a Miners’ Feast over 100 meters underground.                                                                                                                    

These adventures are not only meant for companies. Adventurous families or a group of well-tuned friends can also participate in such an expedition. However, what is important is your good humour and earlier booking of one of the selected programmes: Wieliczka Expedition or Wieliczka Evening – miners’ feast.

Worth knowing

An offer for organized groups, i.e. companies, institutions as well as a team of friends and families.

It is necessary to make earlier reservations of a selected.

The adventure events last from 1.5 to 3 hours and always under the supervision of a guide.

It is worthwhile to take warm clothes as the temperature in the undergrounds is between 14° - 16° C [57 – 61.

There are 800 steps on the way of which 380 take you down into the mine already at the very beginning of the journey. Please be advised to take comfy.

Toilet facilities are located along the route.

Smoking and using an open fire in the mine is strictly.

Baggage can be left at the luggage office located close to the tourist information centre.

Additional attraction can be purchased: meals, overnight stays, treatments and procedures allowing you to relax, etc.

Access to mobile phone networks and WiFi are available in some chambers.

An ATM and foreign currency exchange desk are available at the mine.

Payment cards are accepted both in the mine and on the surface.

Large parking lots are located in the vicinity of the mine.

The 4-star Grand Sal boutique hotel is located just around the corner from the Danilowicz Shaft.

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