How does works

The working principle of the graduation tower is very simple. The secret of the tower lies in its specific construction while the objective of the whole process is to obtain at least a 16% NaCl concentration in the water.

Of course, Wieliczka brine flows through the Wieliczka graduation tower. At the end of the year 2013, the brine from two sources in the mine, on Level VI and Level VII, received a certificate confirming the curative properties of the mineral waters and a recommendation that it may be used, among others, for inhalations.The brine thickens while flowing down the blackthorn branches and breaks up when it hits each twig – it partially evaporates saturating the air surrounding the construction with a saline aerosol.

This aerosol or spray has specific health features as is possesses a significant ability to penetrate the mucous membrane of the respiratory system and skin. A concrete bowl is located under the timber construction of the walls and tower in which brine collects and then it is channelled gravitationally to a closed underground reservoir situated under the graduation tower next to the pumping station.The brine is pumped from the reservoir to a system of wooden chutes laid along the top of the walls and at the base of the tower where it continues to flow through wooden stop valves, regulating the flow of the brine, to smaller chutes with cuts in them through which it is possible to evenly distribute the brine onto the blackthorn branches under the chutes.

Streams of brine flow down the blackthorn branches where they ‘break up’ forming the curative aerosol. The sun and the wind increase the effects of the graduation tower. 

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