A year of new records

18-01-2018 / Visiting

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine ended 2017 with an all-time record in the number of tourists – 1,708,131 people – and over 350 events organised in the mine. What is more, the Wessel Spa Chamber was made available to patients after renovation.
The fact that over 1.7 million people toured the mine in 2017 means a 9% growth compared to 2016. Nearly half (49%) of the visitors were tourists from Poland, and the largest growth was noted among adults from abroad – they made up 41% of visitors, while adults from the Poland accounted for only 31% of all visitors. Polish children and youth made up 18% of the total number, and the remaining 10% were young people and children from abroad.
The largest percentage of foreigners came from the UK, Italy, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and Belgium. Tourists from Belgium had the biggest growth dynamics this year. What is more, we also saw tourists from such distant countries as Suriname, Bahrain, Brunei and Lesotho.
The Tourist Route was the most popular choice, but the Miners’ Route also gained a lot of popularity, especially among schoolchildren. Among our thematic offers, Saltland (groups of children and families) and the Pilgrimage Trail were chosen the most often.
We also managed to achieve successes in continuous improvement of traffic logistics, as well as organisational improvements. The great interest in the Wieliczka mine directly translates into the dissemination of knowledge about salt mining, mining traditions and customs. Various areas of mine operations, such as medical treatment or the organisation of events, allow for multifaceted access to the salt monument as well as full use of its potential.
In 2017, over 350 events took place in the underground, including those of a cultural, scientific, educational, social, sporting nature, those connected with the mining tradition, as well as events commissioned by contractors.

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