Opening of “The Amazing World of Salt” photographic exhibition

17-04-2018 / Events

Tourists visiting the Wieliczka mine already have the opportunity to see the “The Amazing World of Salt” exhibition of photographs by Ryszard Tatomir. The exhibition consists of 40 photographs that show the magic of the historic salt monument.
Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka" 
The photographs presented in the Drozdowice III Chamber were taken both on the tourist routes and – the majority of them – in places inaccessible to tourists. In his photographs, the author focuses especially on emphasising the symbiosis of nature and humans. He therefore presents places and objects that appeared underground in connection with mining activities, but over the centuries were assimilated by nature, becoming part of it. The author also managed to capture the great diversity of the mine, resulting from the many methods of salt extraction. This unique and varied work of both nature and humans can be admired thanks to the modern preservation methods and – as can be seen in Ryszard Tatomir’s photographs – photographed with great success.
The opening was enriched by a wonderful performance by Elżbieta Baklarz, a harpist who works on a daily basis with the Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra, the Silesian Opera, the National Philharmonic and Teatr Wielki.
The exhibition is open to the public for the next few months. An album with photographs taken by the author in the Wieliczka underground will be published soon.

Ryszard TatomirKopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"
Photographer, member of the Photoclub Artists Association of the Republic of Poland (AFRP), the Krakow Photography Club and the Wieliczka Art Club.
Photography is his passion and one of the elements of his creative and professional work. He is not afraid to experiment, and because of that the results of his photography projects become remarkable. He constantly surprises his audiences with the quality of his works and the way he sees his surroundings.
He usually photographs people, nature and architecture. His works have been published in various magazines, as well as presented at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad.





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