The Wieliczka Evening - the Miners' Feast

"Dances, frolics, razzle-dazzle. Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Holloa!": this line by the great Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz describe quite well the ambience of a joyful feast held in an underground mining chamber. Here, you can get to know the mining traditions and rituals, taste great Wieliczka dishes and delicious frothy hops speciality. Your time at the table will be interspersed with songs, jokes and rhetoric feats. Here you can launch a quip with impunity, even at your boss. During this happy evening, you will definitely need to let your liquor loose and hold your tongue, or maybe the other way round. It’s time to bang your mug on the table and start having fun!

Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"After a day spent at work, training or conference, the evening is a time of mandatory rest. So it is worth taking a look at what Wieliczka Evening - the Miners' Feast offers: a time for celebrating the mining custom modelled directly after the tradition of beer taverns. During this evening at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, all that counts is good fun in company and competition. Revellers will also have a unique opportunity to join the mining profession, provided that they first manage to "jump over the hide". What makes the offer all the more attractive is the presentation of the elements of original mining practices. The program is moderated by actors of Krakow theatres.

During the entire Wieliczka Evening, traditional tavern meals and beer are served. After the event, groups of up to 48 people can stay over in the mine's underground, at the Slowacki Chamber. Guest are welcome at the Grand Sal**** Hotel located on the surface, which can accommodate 40 people.

Worth knowing:

  • Number of participants 20 people minimum, 200 maximum.
  • Duration - 2 hours.
  • Price 166 - 203 PLN / 1 person (The price depends on the selected option, the cost of the event is calculated individually).
  • The offer is available in Polish and English.
  • The offer requires a prior reservation. Ask for a quote
  • Participants of the Wieliczka Evening can book a stay in the Slowacki Chamber or at the Grand Sal Hotel ****

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