Events and Special Occasions

Anything goes! Whoever came up with this saying, must have at some point visited the underground of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine.

Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"Because here, of all the places truly everything is possible. Here, sport becomes an art, and culture is given a generous hand of applause. Salt sidewalls resound with the echo of classical music, and elegant balls attract distinguished guests. It is here that balloon-flight and underground-windsurfing records are broken. And excellent exhibition opening nights, and flashy fashion shows, and at request, all special requests! Raise the curtain! Let the show begin!

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is a place where anything can happen and come true. Its picturesque underground spaces provide a perfect setting for special events organised here, such as concerts, recitals, theatre and opera performances, exhibitions, shows and presentations, galas, testimonial events, fashion shows, dance galas, beauty contests and sports events. The chambers can accommodate from several dozen up to several hundred guests. They can be provided with sound and lighting equipment, as well as appropriate sets. The development of the events is always supervised by professional technical service. Culinary pleasures are ensured by excellent chefs who prepare dishes on-site from top-quality products.

Worth knowing:

  • The organisers of special events can choose from among the following chambers:

Warszawa Chamber
Jan Haluszka I Chamber 
Drozdowice III Chamber 
Drozdowice IV Chamber 
Jan Haluszka II Chamber  
Michalowice Chamber
Gwarkow Chamber

  • The Warszawa and Jan Haluszka chambers are equipped with stages.
  • Each chamber has its own catering facilities.
  • Some chambers have dressing rooms for artists.
  • Each chamber has its own cloakroom and access to toilets.
  • Paid parking spaces are available on the surface.
  • Guests can be accommodated at the Grand Sal**** Hotel.
  • The organisation of events and special happenings is priced individually and requires earlier booking. Ask for a quote.

Światowe dziedzictwo


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