Multimedia Project in the Lill Gorna and Kazanow chambers

“Salt of life” – multimedia exposition
in the Lill Gorna and Kazanow chambers

In April 2014 the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine opened two new chambers 125 meters within the depths of the mine: Lill Gorna and Kazanow. Tourists visiting along the historic Tourist Route are now able to also visit the multimedia exposition “Salt of life” in the excavations. Securing the chambers and their opening was possible thanks to EU co-financing.

The objective of the project was to create a unique cultural heritage product applying modern multimedia and exhibition technologies. The multimedia elements used in the Kazanow and Lill Gorna chambers are user–friendly and will allow visitors to better learn about the mine, its history, geology, art, traditions and the work of miners.

The Lill Gorna Chamber has a modern interior design and it is divided into three zones that will engage visitors on various levels of experience. The objective is to gradually build suspense and deliberately involve the visitors into each subsequent phase of the told, experienced and presented stories. Tourists will be able to see a film in the 5D cinema area, a spectacle at the salt crystal and use over 20 interactive multimedia stands, games and applications. The main theme of the exposition is salt presented from many points of view and in various applications.

The intention of the presentation in the Kazanow Chamber was to create a mysterious space and an emotional connection between those visiting the mine and its history. Thanks to the large-format symbolic presentation with mapping elements the spectator is drawn into the tale about the elements which, many centuries ago, were part of the work of miners, determining their everyday life and making salt a mineral more valuable than gold.

The project in the Lill Gorna and Kazanow chambers was co-financed from EU funds (Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013 Operation 3.2. Development of Cultural Heritage Product, Scheme A. Cultural Heritage and Restoration of Special Systems). Total project value: PLN 9,433,786.17, qualified costs PLN 7,748,874.36, co-financing: 50%, co-financing value: PLN 3,874,437.00.

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