Lump deposit

It was in this deposit that the oldest chambers of the Wieliczka mine had been bored.

It is formed of gangue with rock salt blocks of varied size located within it.

Gangue is mostly mixed rock, formed as marly claystones with halite crystals, on average 1 cm long, known as zubry located within. Zubry frequently contain fibrous salts and veins of blue anhydrite. Flysh sandstones, varicoloured flysh claystones, and small fragments of magma rocks are also frequent. Blocks of dark grey lustered marly claystones known as mydlarka (soap stone) and fragments of russet grey argillaceous schist or mudstones and anhydrite claystones are also very common.

Kopalnia Soli "Wieliczka"The salt extracted here over the centuries was mostly typical (laminated) lump salt. It has a small admixture of claystone which gives it a characteristic green colour. On average, salt of this type contains 95% of halite. It can be encountered in the form of lumps and blocks of various size – the deposit contains small lumps the size of a basketball ball as well as gigantic blocks with the volume exceeding 20 thousand m3.

Another variety of lump salt to be encountered in the Wieliczka deposit is green polycrystalline lump salt, so called stained glass window salt. It consists of big crystals of halite whereby the space between them is filled with claystone and anhydrite. The content of sodium chloride oscillates in a wide range reaching from 20 to 80 %.

Also lumps of so-called dolomitic salt can be found in the lump deposit. It is the salt with an admixture of a carbonate substance – calcium carbonate. It is found in the form of small salt lumps with a moderately crystalline structure. Also small lumps of lined rock salt can be found in the deposit. It is recognised due to the occurrence of alternating several centimetres thick laminas of pure halite and claystone-contaminated halite.

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